TreyR is a music producer, engineer and artist. He categorizes himself as a blend between popular culture and urban. With inspiration since childhood to be in the music industry. His story begins when he was just a toddler. When he would spend time with his grandmother, she would play the songs of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Michael Jackson. Trey enjoyed the beats so much that he would close his eyes and listen to the background music. Allowing the music to paint a vision of what ever he imagined.

Fascinated with sound, Trey stumbled on Ryan Leslie, a modern-day “Davinci” behind the keys. Leslie being able to produce, engineer, write, and sing his tracks; showed Trey that he could to one day be a multi talented 

producer. Watching a creative bring the sounds he always visualized to life, it was a life-changing moment for Trey. He recognized that he too could one day produce songs for artists on radio and have productionskills for television series, movies and more.

Eager to start his production career at just seven years old, he began to play his drums and experiment with FL Studio (Fruity Loops) beat production software. After months of working on his beats, he finally had the opportunity to work with a local pop duo, for a chance to perform at his school talent show. After countless hours of working with the duo, Trey was convinced that they were ready to put on the show of a lifetime; but to his surprise, the band didn’t want him to perform with them. They lied about the day of the event and purposely avoided Trey days before the show.

Disappointed, Trey made his way to the auditorium. Not being able to enter the talent show he worked so hard to be in. He listened from the outside as the mediocre artists were incorrectly performing his music. This was his first realization that the music industry was a lot harder than he thought. Seeing how he was used by this local duo, he stayed focused and vowed to never let this happen again.

He focused on his solo career as friends and foes around him got caught up in drugs, jail or death. Trey saw music as an escape, and channeled all his energy to creating the best music possible. Years later, TreyR is the founder of his own production company called “WeKr3ate Music” and has done production and engineering for hundreds of artists.  

He released his debut self-produced project, “Tell Me” while gaining local and global media exposure. He plans to show the world his talents and become the modern day “Davinci”.

Creating visions through sounds like his inspiration Ryan Leslie. TreyR hopes to fuel the mind of the next upcoming producer with the inspiration to follow their Dreams as he did. Join the TreyR story and work with him today!